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Class 2018 Opening ceremony

welcome to class 2018

Class 2018 opening ceremony was held on September 7th, 2016 in ICARE Institute. Chinese Dean Prof. LUO Xiaobing, European Dean Prof. Michel FARINE, Chinese Executive Director Mr. YI Hui, European Executive Director Mr. Michel AUBLANT, the director of Research Center, Prof. HU Song and the director of Education Center, Ms. LIU Yang, attended the ceremony.

(among people in the 1st rank on the picture: Mrs. XIE Chunhua, Mrs. LIU Yang, Mr. LYU Guangdong, Prof. HU Song, Mr. YI Hui, Mr. Michel AUBLANT, Prof. LUO Xiaobing, Prof. Michel FARINE, Mrs. JI Shali, Mrs. KOU Fangling,Mrs.WU Nan and Mrs. FENG Man)

At the beginning of the ceremony, the representative of new students, SHAN Lianying, expressed her future expectations as a fresh graduate student. Prof. LUO Xiaobing welcomed new students and encouragedthem to build capacity in all aspects of their 3 years of studies, to broaden their horizon and to properly handle relationship between teachers and classmates. European Dean Prof. Michel FARINE pointed out world's demand for energy, current world environment governance and explained the necessity of the development of clean energy.


Chinese Executive Director, Mr. YI Hui, presented ICARE and its development history and pointed out the importance of ICARE in the field of new energy. At the end, the director of Education Center, Ms. LIU Yang made an introduction on Chinese and European degree requirements, as well as specific details on issues such as policy for study abroad selection, fellowships and answered questions raised by students.

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