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Class 2015 graduated!

Class 2015

On June 23rd, 2016, HUST Graduation ceremony was held at the Optical Valley Stadium in Wuhan. Ms. Jady WANG, the representative from the EU Delegation in China, Dr. Eric MOLAY, Attaché for university cooperation from French Consulate General in Wuhan, Chinese Co-Dean Prof. LUO Xiaobing, European Co-Dean Prof. Michel FARINE, ICARE Project Coordinator Prof. Didier MAYER, former Chinese Co-Dean Prof. HUANG Shuhong and several European professors (from Zaragoza University and ENSTA ParisTech) attended the ceremony.

(Among the people in the first rank on the picture from left to right: Mr. AUBLANT, Mr. YI Hui, Prof. UCHE, Prof. DIEZ, Dr. MOLAY, Prof. MAYER, Prof. LUO Xiaobing, Ms. Jady WANG, Prof. Michel FARINE, Prof. HUANG Shuhong, Prof. DESCHAMPS, Prof. CATOIRE, Ms. XIE Chunhua.)

After 3 years of co-support from China and the EU and efforts from professors and students, the students from Master Class 2015 were graduated.

Degrees were granted after the opening ceremony in ICARE building. 41 Chinese students and one international student (from Costa Rica) were granted their European master degrees. HUST's President Prof. DING Lieyun, Chinese Co-Dean, Prof. LUO Xioabing and ICARE Project Coordinator, Prof. MAYER awarded both European and Chinese diplomas.

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