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2015 Summer Camp

Care summer camp

ICARE hosted 2015 summer camp on July 3rd- 4th 2015. 13 junior and senior undergraduate students from domestic major universities and 1 international exchange student from Oxford University participated in the summer camp.

European Dean Pr. Michel Farine welcomed the participants on behalf of the Institute. In his speech about world's energy pattern and trends, he stated that new energy professional top talents are being urgently needed with the new energy market expansion and globalization. ICARE will provide the platform to learn the world's advanced new energy science and technology, so that future graduates contribute to the sustainable development of world’s energy and environment.

Director of Education Centre Mrs. Liu Yang together with tutors Zhao Yongchun and Li Xian addressed recruitment, training, admissions and other issues.

Teachers explained new energy development, research orientation, study abroad selection, employment trends.

Outstanding student representatives Chen Le, Liu Menglei, Yang Rupu described their own experience within ICARE curriculum.

This first day ended with a student gathering to improve mutual understanding in English.

On July 4th, outstanding representative Chen Hao was invited to explain the status and development of new energy industry and the multi-disciplinary knowledge students need to acquire. Three outstanding senior students from different laboratories pointed out the important issues of different researches and made recommendations.

Chen Hao distributed summer camp certificates to the campers.

To conclude this event, Cai Shunkang from ICARE education center organized a visit to HUST History Museum and Wuhan Research Academy of New Energy, to experience history of HUST and unique charm of new energy technologies.

All participants said they benefited a lot from this experience as it not only widened their vision, developed their network, made them learn more about new energy industry, enhanced their interest in scientific research, but also clarified their goals and directions.

Again the EU-China Energy Engineering summer camp ended successfully.

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