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Research conferences

A series of five seminars give the opportunity to ICARE students to attend lectures by French experts in various areas of clean and renewable energies. These seminars welcome by HUST are funded by ICARE and the French Consulate in Wuhan.

May 2012: Dr. Gilles Flamant on “Concentrated solar thermal energy, from lab research to industrial development”.

Dr. Gilles Flamant French researcher in the domain of solar energy gave a lecture at ICARE institute on 25th May on “Concentrated solar thermal energy, from lab research to industrial development”.

  About 60 persons, including ICARE students, professors and researchers, attended this first conference on renewable energy organized in cooperation with the French consulate in Wuhan. Gilles Flamant met researchers of HUST and talk about joint project in the domain of thermal energy, for the launching of ICARE research platform.

June 2012: Prof Jean-Jacques Le Norment on « renewable marine energies »

In June 2012, Mr. Jean-Jacques Le Norment, specialist in « renewable marine energies », project manager of « développement du port de Brest » and coordinator for « Région Bretagne » gave a conference about production technologies for marine energies.

The conference was held with the support of the scientific department of the French Embassy in China.  During his staying at ICARE, M. Jean-Jacques Le Norment also had exchanges with researchers and visited the department of Naval Architecture and oceanic engineering of Huazhong University of Science and technologies (HUST).

October 2012: Prof Nicolas Bardi on  the role of hydrogen and biomass in the production of biofuels and synfuels

On October 18th, Mr Nicolas Bardi, Head of the Department of Hydrogen and Biomass at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives CEA- LITEN).

Mr Bardi gave a lecture in front of 200 students, professors and researchers ot the ICARE institute on the role of hydrogen and biomass in the production of biofuels and synfuels.


November 2012: Prof Daniel Lincot on Solar cells and Prof George Kariniotakis on wind energy

Prof Daniel Lincot, research director at the CNRS and Director of the Institute for Research and Development of Photovoltaic Energy (IRDEP, Paris region), gave a lecture on solar cells on November 13th 2012 in front of the students, professors and researchers of the ICARE institute.



Prof George Kariniotakis, head of the group Renewable Energies and Smart Grid at the Center for Energy and Processes in MINES ParisTech, gave a lecture on wind energy on November 15th 2012. 

Students from ICARE were involved in the organization and helped to promote the conference on HUST’s campus.

Published on: 22 November 2012 11:57
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