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Offical inauguration

Official inauguration

The official opening of the Sino-European Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy “ICARE”, was organized at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), on October 6th. 

During the opening ceremony, Mr. Serge LAVROFF (General Consul of France in Wuhan), Pr LI Peigen (President of HUST), M. LIU Baoli, (General Director of exchanges and international cooperation at the Chinese Ministry of Education), M. Johan CAUWENBERGH (Representative of the European Union), and M. Romain SOUBEYRAN (Representative of ParisTech, Director of MINES ParisTech) reminded ICARE is intended to educate top engineers in the domain of clean and renewable energies. The honored guests all expressed their strong support to the institute, and stressed on the importance of ICARE for the university, for the region and for the country.

They also brought up the key question of making this model sustainable beyond the European financing, and the importance of building closed relations with Chinese and European companies.

The official opening of ICARE was organized at the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the university.

To celebrate the anniversary, representatives of national institutions (LIU Liming, Vice-Minister for Education), of the district (LI Hongzhong, Party Secretary, and Governor WANG Guosheng) and the municipality (RUAN Chengfa, Party secretary, and TANG Liangzhi, Mayor of Wuhan) gave speeches to the 4000 people that gathered for the ceremony. M. Romain Soubeyran, director of MINES

ParisTech – was the only foreign representatives to be honor guest for the Anniversary ceremony.

Representatives of the French Embassy in Beijing (M.Norbert PALUCH, Consellor for Science and Technology), and of the French consulate in Wuhan (Mme Isabelle DEDUN, attaché for academic cooperation, and Marc BONDIOU, Attaché for Science and technology) also attended the ceremony, so that to Pr Didier Mayer, coordinator of ICARE project for MINES ParisTech, and the Chinese and the European deans of ICARE,  Pr. HUANG Shuhong and Pr. Michel FARINE.

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